One Lil Miss Sombong
seriously annelis, what people said is probably right. you are one lil miss sombong. but, hey, sombong bertempat, salah ker? it is me. i do care about people around me, with whom i mixed with, i mean - my circle of friends. im sorry i dont quite prefer to be with bunch of idiot monkeys who didnt actually know how to behave. its the first impression that matters. you dont need to be loud, scolding all the vulgarities to show something. being polite is the best way. dont you ever heard that less is definitely more. alasan 'you're not from the town - you're outsiders who have just moved in' is completely lame. kata your mother is a lecturer, didnt she teach you the best way to behave then? may be you're one but, a disappointment to her as well. what a shame.

but to criticize people, i know and i realise that im not that perfect either. but, i do know how to behave. i do understand all about manners. and manners do not need a five star hotel to show it. you should bring it everywhere you go. that's how you gain respect. 

and i guess you're big enough to think wisely, arent you? plus, you guys are not bunch of secondary school simpleton-jack ass, arent you? well, i might say the ugly truth is you were once one of em. that must be suck. its our history and our background that made who we are now. 

horrible night,
one-lil-miss-sombong :)

Posted on Sunday, June 3, 2012 at 2:31 PM