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Hi! Assalamualaikum. Yes, it is holiday - again. This has made me think that I've wasted too much time on holiday during my studies, be it diploma or now, degree. So, since, the last exam paper I sat in mid April, I've been randomly spent my days on random things, random outings - catching up with ol' friends, best friends, sisters, cousins and my babes. The highlight of my Apr 2012, was my trip with fellow classmates (three of 'em to be exact) to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The trip was fun. Honestly, it was my first trip with friends after secondary school. It was planned a month before, during the struggle of completing loads of assignments, which was also prior the period of my end of semester examinations. I was massively excited for it. We were massively exhilarated for it. That was the only thing that kept us going, through out the stress, and the hassle of assignments, essays, things to study and everything. 

It was a 3D2N trip. Staying at a condo-like house with three rooms, a living room and a kitchen. It was a comfortable stay for four of us. Besides, the price was affordable as well. Hurm, I have no idea what to talk about the trip, since it was only a short trip to a town area. Basically, all we did were window shopping and eating. Lots of eating, very Singaporean.  

And this whole week, Ive done nothing. Nothing at all. Not the house chores, not the cleaning or anything. Monday - caught in an accident. Urgh! Not to mention, the damage done to my dad's car. We're kinda lucky though the car that hit us was only a Proton. So, we kinda have the advantage. But, still! 

That was pretty much explain my days. My boring days. My retarded days passed with every seconds of boredom. Spent too much on watching Merlin, Pearl Harbor, Beastly, One Direction videos. And a few songs. 

Tuesday - was a public holiday. It was a family day out, I supposed. Went shopping with sister and brother. Bought few outfits for them. And to you - who must not be named, please respect others' privacy. It was not your problem if people have the money to shop. It is none of your business. Rezeki Allah, siapa pun tak boleh kata apa. But, the day ended not as it was supposed to. Absolutely not according to its plan. 

Whoa. I have never expect that Im gonna write this much. God! Im talking nonsense. I've got to stop. :x

Oh, last but not least, I will be going to my first jamming outing. It sounds fun. It should be fun. Only that, I will be going out with my cousin's boyfriend's friends. Hmm. Lets just wait and see.

Well,well, well. The plan has been cancelled :x Im not going for a jamming session or anywhere tonight. Pfft.


Posted on Friday, May 4, 2012 at 3:40 AM