background songs.
Kan best kalau life ni macam dalam movie, ada moments in our life with background songs. Tak yah kena aku imagine-imagine. Sendiri played.

Kalau scene sedih:
Hari time tu hujan kat luar, and Im alone duduk kat tepi tingkap tengok raindrops. and the perfect song maybe Back To December.

If Im missing someone:
Duduk kat balcony petang-petang, tengah making paper plane, writing 'I miss you' before flying it to the sky. Lagu Far Away song by Nickelback pulak playing.

If tengah nak marah kat orang:
For this, I know one perfect song that suit like no other: Gives You Hell! :D

If tengah playing around kat playground with friends, the beloved ones, malam-malam, I only want one song that I think suits well; Rhythm of Love.

Kalau tengah having fun with friends or family:
I love it if We'll be a dream jadi background song.

Kalau rasa nak date dua orang jer with the beloved one:
Its so nice if 'Kissing you' by Miranda Cosgrove playing for the sweet scene, for all the things we both create.

Kalau kena tinggal, well for this, banyak lagu boleh suit. Kena tengoklah macam mana pny style kena tinggal. Love the way you lie, My happy ending..

Kalau tengah down sangat-sangat, macam everything on that day macam tak serba tak kena, aku paling suka lagu Bad Day. Kalau asek nangis jer, lagu ni memang best for me to have my mood back.

Those listed are pretty much that I can think of right now - spontaneously. Actually there's a lot, depends on the person, depends on the mood, I really wish this to happen for real. :)

Posted on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 7:51 AM